November 2019
Exciting times!

I'm really excited to announce Park's Edge Bar & Kitchen in Herne Hill are currently hosting an exhibition throughout December.
The beautiful decor of this amazing restaurant is the perfect space to enjoy a delicious meal, great ambience and a selection of original artwork.

Below are my 5 prints currently on display and for purchase.
Of course a portrait is a very personal thing, so why not book a Fine Art portrait session for yourself or a loved one - just in time for Christmas.

My good friend and wonderful fellow photographer Andy Percy is also displaying 5 amazing prints.

So book your table now for some ultra fine dining and enjoy the artwork!
Dr. D​​​​​​​
A portrait is a very personal depiction of someone's character and identity, whether it's an informal 'selfie' taken for fun or for a more formal reason. Capturing someone's character in a photo is what I love to do. These fine art prints have encapsulated the character of Dr. D and Mr. O and offer a portrait a little different to your 'regular' portrait.

Seeing Dr.D sitting at this table, I just had to take this shot. His expression, poise along with the lowkey lighting helps to draw you in to the eyes and the intellect behind.
Mr. O​​​​​​​
This fine art portrait encapsulates the confident, stylish and sophisticated Mr. O.
A wonderful image of a distinguished gentleman.

Checkout my Fine Art gallery and Book yourself your very own session.
Star Trails and Aeroplanes above Canary Wharf​​​​​​​
This enthralling image of Canary Wharf is captured through a single 30 minute exposure. It captures the stars, aircraft taking off from London City airport along with the river boats, as you wouldn't have seen before.
Babbling Brook​​​​​​​
An ethereal image taken in a beautiful woodland in Co. Wexford, Ireland. You can almost see the Celtic faeries and magical beings jumping across the rocks of the babbling brook in this beautiful tranquil scene.
Glistening Rose​​​​​​​
A beautiful single glistening red rose in full bloom with a subtle reflection.
Please check out my Portfolio for other styles and photos
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